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The movie gave more depth to the story and characters of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I saw the stage show twice (not the original Broadway cast but the tour company) and I love it and couldn’t get enough of it. So the movie was a welcome "refresher" and it did not disappoint. . Jersey Boys is poignant, nostalgic, and funny. I just wish deleted portions of the movie were added as a special feature of the DVD. To differentiate the movie from the stage show, I would say that the music in the stage show created the story; and the story in the movie created the music. The acting was great in spite of the lack of film acting experience of most of the cast. They were so natural. I thought John Lloyd Young did a good job of portraying Frankie Valli–it is not easy to get into the character of a seemingly reticent personality. JLY must have studied Mr. Valli very well that he was able to show even the latter’s mannerisms.
  Miera Parcon

Pregnancy tests! I laughed like some sort of asthmatic hyena until I cried and my abs cramped! This is hysterical, relatable, and totally a book you don’t want to put down.
  Reem Ibrahim Mitwali

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